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Corporate Investigation

The corporate environment is extremely competitive and often companies find it difficult to protect themselves from damaging or fraudulent activities. Conflict International are global leaders in providing bespoke corporate fraud investigation services tailored to the needs of every client. Our corporate fraud investigators consist of investigation professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including investigative and forensic accounting, police and military intelligence. We expertly gather business-critical information to help companies reduce risk, enter new markets, solve corporate problems and enhance business opportunities. This accurate and current information can help defend against hostile takeovers and provide valuable insight when carrying out due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. We routinely perform integrity investigations into prospective business partners; gathering information about their background, business track record, reputation and integrity, their companies and key individuals. An in-depth report is compiled in support of fraud, asset tracing and other investigations. We support litigators and counsel in complex international arbitration and litigation by assembling complex evidential information for admission in legal proceedings, as well as gathering background information into the integrity of directors, vetting potential employees and providing company profiles, financial status and details of outstanding litigation.

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Our investigations involve services such as
  1. Corporate Due Diligence
  2. Assets Verification
  3. Employee Verification
  4. Theft and pilferage Investigation Services
  5. Competitor Investigation
  6. Labor Cases
  7. Legal Assistance
  8. Sting and Undercover Operations
  9. Debugging and Sweeping Services


We also investigate the work attitude, working habits of the employees, the employees must be honest to the company and its rules. Thus we provide highly qualified and experienced investigator to keep an eye on the fraudulent activities. We have some of the most trusted investigator in business, our approach to work makes us exceptional and strong amongst our competitors.

Giss India Detective Agency is the best known and most reputed corporate investigation agency in Delhi, India for the sting and undercover operations. We have a special team of GISS agents; our team has performed a number of undercover operations these are highly trained and cautiously selected investigators specially trained for such services.

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