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Divorce is never an easy option to take. You may decide to walk out on the spouse, but a lot is left behind in the wake. That’s why not all divorce cases end up as amicably as they are supposed to. Pain, bitterness, legal entanglements, fights, all this is part of the game when the spouses separating have not got everything settled during the parting of ways. Best Detectives & Investigators is a premier private matrimonial investigation agency with years of experience in handling divorce cases of different nature. We have helped hundreds of couples with their divorce cases and ensured that they parted ways as cordially as needed. We offer a diverse range of services so that divorces never turn out an acrimonious affair to our clients. Further, we have a team of top matrimonial detectives to solve cases of different nature and help couples sort things out within the perimeter of law. Right from checking spouses’ extramarital affairs to helping with child custody issues, from collecting evidence of gainful employment of spouses to conducting background check, from investigating matters of bigamy / polygamy to doing background checks – we cover virtually every aspect related to divorce.

GISS Detective Agency is a highly reputed and prestigious private divorce case investigation agency in India. We have networks in pan India and work across all the cities in India and cater assignment from Foreign India. We also provide services to some of the biggest corporate and celebrity clients. The services provided range from corporate to private in a comprehensively diverse and versatile nature. GISS Detective Agency is the secret Detective Agency in India that offers such a variety of divorce case investigation services that cover every aspect of a person’s life. The company consists of highly experienced and the Best detectives for divorce case investigation in Delhi, India.

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There is an alarming increase in the rate of divorce cases in India. The process of divorce has an enormous impact on the life of both the partners. Going through a divorce is a turbulent time in anyone’s life. When marriage becomes nothing more than a suffering one can seek for an option of Divorce. For what all ground a divorce can be filed are as follows-


Divorce hurts the entire family, everyone seems to be affected by it in a different way than the other. Divorce often leads to experiences such as decreased levels of happiness, degrading economic status, emotional trauma. This is the time when you should go to a private investigator. We unearth the truth for you from beneath going through all the relevant aspects of the case. We boast of solving many divorce cases courteously and amicably.


Divorce means breaking up of not just a couple but the entire family. Each person suffers from a different level of pain and negativity. Some may find themselves completely shattered as the family that they have built over years of love and investing so much time and care, eventually breaks up.

Effect on children

Children are the worst sufferers of a divorce as they have to choose between their either parents. They are generally in their growing age or maybe teens, thus this change and problem cause them to take inappropriate steps in their life. They can fall into the trap of drug abuse, neglect studies, school dropouts, aggressive emotions, may get sexually active without caution, behavioral changes. They leave their parental homes, they become homeless, and due to lack of education, they are unable to find great job opportunities.


People who have or are experiencing the divorce process will be significantly affected by it and the impact can be seen on their health. Alcoholism is much likely to become a problem for the divorcees. First time divorcees have seen more keen towards choosing such an option than the second time ones.

Low self-esteem

The person suffering from the aftermath of divorce goes through a series of mental trauma and guilt. They may find themselves as a burden on others and see their life as aimless and meaningless. In such circumstances, the threat of suicidal tendencies is expected to rise high.


The person or couple can hurt their mental health. They can be seen doing things as never before. They will become an optimistic person and can end up destroying themselves in both psychological and physical health perspectives. As a result, they can be seen suffering from any psychiatric disorder as well.

GISS India Detective Agency help you attain substantial and profound evidence in case of divorce proceedings in judiciary and court of law, these can be in the form of information collected by surveillance on the suspect, camera recordings both video and audio, having a check on the suspect’s daily activities, and more. Divorces are critical and we, at GISS India Detective Agency understand that well and offer divorce case investigation across India .

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