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Education Investigation

Academic qualification verification of a person during Job hiring or for sanctioning Education loans is important. Fake Certificate is one mode of falsified credentials which are serious, prevalent and ever-increasing problem. New York Times reported on a billion-dollar industry consisting of “diploma mills”. These were fake universities that sold certificates for all levels of degrees, worldwide.

In another scenarios, those who have degrees may falsify their academic transcripts. This is made easier by the availability of sophisticated technology. As higher education opens up better job prospects it is highly sought after, sometimes it also reflects as a status symbol on CV.

In a country like India, where services industry is predominant, GISS Education Verification Service could mean avoiding hiring of those who have falsified their qualifications or lied on their CVs. This indirectly benefits from costly exposure to legal action, high staff turnover, lost revenue and public reputational damage which may take years to repair.

Since Universities and Institutes suffer due to reputation risks, they do facilitate verification systems and reference checking. GISS services supports organization in getting Legitimate Verification through approved and adopted processes across Universities and Institutions as one stop solution. Our expert fraud detection analysts have evolved processes over years that facilitate in identifying falsified transcripts leading to quick turnaround time in fraud detection.

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