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EXTORTION Investigation

If you are the victim of extortion, blackmail, or exaction, please call GISS. Do not wait too long to begin your investigation with GISS because the longer you wait, the greater the risk is that you will be extorted again.

Extortion is the illegal act of unlawfully obtaining money, property, services, or information from a person, company, organization, or other entity through coercion. Exaction takes it one step further by threatening, actually inflicting pain or suffering, or forcing someone to endure something unpleasant.

Extortion and exaction may be isolated incidents, or they may be ongoing threats to you or your company. Extortion is not to be confused with blackmail, however. Blackmail generally involves the threat of legal, but unfavorable, action – such as revealing true but embarrassing information about you – to coerce you, while extortion involves the threat of illegal action – such as threats of physical harm or violence – to coerce you. If you are being extorted, or fear that someone may extort you, then call GISS immediately for a free consultation. Do not let the threat of extortion or exaction weigh on you any longer. Our expert investigators have a proven method for tracing the threats back to their source and putting a stop to them.

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