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GISS INDIA Detective Agency is the best and the leading private detective agency in Delhi, India. The company has a vast experience in the field of investigation with solving over 50,000 cases all over India and aboard also. The company runs on the motive of the optimization of results and client satisfaction. Many private and corporate clients have employed our team of investigators within India. We have developed an extensive degree of skills, knowledge, and volume of experience in professional surveillance. We are the GISS India Detective Agency in India, with the best detective services, best pre and post matrimonial services, the GISS India Detective Agency in India, NCR. We assist you in advising what sort of surveillance would best suit you and provide with discrete and most appropriate services.

WHY IS GISS India Detective Agency?

  1. Highly skilled and experienced staff
  2. 100% client confidentiality guaranteed
  3. Free consultancy services for all kind of cases (for first visit only)
  4. A multi-award winning detective agency
  5. Extensively covered by media houses
  6. Cost effective and client friendly services
  7. 24/7 efficiently working for staff
  8. Latest and advanced Detectives equipment and software used
  9. All types of cases covered- personal and corporate
  10. Highly professional and eminent management team

Surveillance contributes the most important part of investigation because through surveillance activities / behavior of the suspect (Subject) is monitored which cannot be obtain through investigation. GISS has team experts for Surveillance job and it is closely monitored by the seniors in the company office so that there is no fabrication or wrong reporting. It is our policy at GISS to provide all the necessary detailed information, such as the places visited by the suspect and the persons/individuals, he/ she met, with full description along with their photographs with all the particulars like date& time as well so that it could be utilized by the client as an evidence where ever it is required. During the stipulated sensitive surveillance period GISS keeps updating the clients on a daily basis i.e. once in a day and provide photographs and Videos with in the permissible legal limits to establish the purpose.

Our detectives and investigators keep a track on any person or vehicle covertly to keep a record of the person’s outdoor activities, and day to day activities. In the personal investigations the surveillance services can be used to investigate pre and post matrimonial cases, loyalty test investigation, extramarital affairs investigation, divorce cases, personal background investigation, missing person investigation, and all other sensitive issues pertaining to the private investigation.

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