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We have been into investigation sector for almost 15 years, which makes us fully experienced. Our agency, helps the other institutions in certain undercover operations which need man power and professional investigators.  Constant observation of criminals, secret operations, if any man power is required, surveillance if required.  Our detectives are trained under professionals and follow the ethical and moral values in carrying out the operation. This helps in being able to place our agent successfully to follow and observe the target and obtain as much information as possible against any un-ethical and illegal practices.

GISS Detective agency in Delhi, serves well trained and honest people to complete the client’s request in terms of operations without making any mistake knowingly or unknowingly.

The services we offer include :-

– undercover operations

– constant follow up of the target, recording every activity of his/hers.

– Undercover agents

– surveillance

– in person observation at required areas.

– Collection of proofs and evidences in the form of photos/videos/messages/ phone number tracking

– phone number tracing

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Every information is gained through :-

– investigation

– Each detail is investigated carefully and recorded as images or videos.

– In some cases, physical surveillance is also carried on depending on the client requirement and the case details.

– Depending on what the client requires, the focus is put only on the issues a client needs and the pay is specifically taken only for the fields the agency investigates.

– Recorded videos, images, messages are only given to the client who registers the case with the agency.

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